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sculpture sibylle peretti
"Where the Rubies grow II"
cast and blown glass, silvered (private collection)
22"h x 12" w x 12"d

“Where the Rubies Grow III” entitles a recent series of works in which the diverse beauty and mystery of the ruby red glass is investigated and where I also try to connect the significance of ruby gemstones to the magical process of making gold ruby glass.
Since my time as a student at the Glass School in Zwiesel Bavaria in 1984 I am captured by the lore and historic secrecy that surrounds this seductive colored
Ruby’s inner glow seems to hint that perhaps it contains an inner fire.
It was said a ruby placed in water could bring it to a boil. If hidden in wrapping, the
Gem could shine through and reveal its presence.
It is said that the first wife of King Henry VIII foretold her death from the darkening of her ruby.