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the land behind
the land behind
mixed media on plexi glas
28" x 48" x 1"

May 8 – June 13, 2015
Reception for the artist: Thursday, May 7, 6-8pm

Heller Gallery is pleased to present The Land Behind, a solo exhibition of new work by German artist Sibylle Peretti.

Children and nature, as symbols of innocence and promise, continue to be central themes in Peretti’s glass sculptures and multimedia collages, which combine photography & drawing with surface interventions such as engraving, mirroring and glass slumping.

The English environmentalist Marion Shoard penned the term, “edgelands” and defined it as the interzone between urban and rural space. In this exhibition Peretti explores the concept both as Shoard’s view and also as her own idea of ”The Land Behind”, a space we create in our own imagination; the closest landscape to us, a refuge and escape where wilderness enshrines, but traces of humans are evident. Shoard points out that these spaces have ‘value as an adventure playground for children and imagined landscape for artists, museum of our recent past and a cauldron of our economic present.’ Peretti views them as a space of emotions, memory and possible solitude where beauty meets roughness, where childhood happens. ‘The land behind invites us to journey into an unknown, undefined place of possibility, mystery and beauty, where we may find answers about our own identity and how we experience ourselves in the world.’

The exhibition includes six new large-scale wall panels the largest of which, Landscape 1, is a 48-part mural of opaline glass. Together with Snowchild 3 a life-size sculpture, which seems to melt slowly to become a part of the landscape, they explore different approaches to the land behind.